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Participants of a lone race have to be really self-sufficient. They also have to be experts on everything on the boat, such as the use of all the electronic equipment on board. They must possess electrical engineering skills as any equipment failure must be dealt with immediately, before it results in any real danger. Every sailor must be familiar with the mechanics of engines and hydraulics. They have to be mentally strong enough to endure long isolation, often in harsh conditions. The need to condition one’s biological clock to live with short periods of sleep may also be a challenge.


About Yacht

The participants of the VELUX 5 OCEANS regatta sail on the Eco 60 yachts. These vessels were built before 2003, in accordance with principles aimed at reducing costs and implementing a number of environmentally friendly solutions.

The use of Eco 60s in this class was pioneered by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. He sailed on one in the previous regatta in 2007 and enjoyed huge success.

The main idea of the Eco 60 class is environmental care and ecological planet-saving. The goal is to minimize the use of fossil fuels, replacing them with sun and wind energy .

In what way does “the Sixty" differ from other racing boats? Eco 60s are 20 meters long and are equipped with cutting-edge technology. There is a satellite link on board which enables participants to receive information concerning the weather conditions and to stay in touch with the regatta committee. All electronic equipment is synchronized with satellite navigation. A plotter presents not only the direction and strength of the wind, but also the geometric characteristics of atmospheric pressure distribution and the current position of opponents.