The OPERON Pedagogical Publishing House is one of the largest educational publishing houses in Poland. It was founded on the Polish coast in 1993 by two brothers; Jaroslaw and Waldemar Lewiński. Originally it specialised in biology textbooks, which were widely appreciated and highly regarded for their quality. Today, whilst still producing exceptionally well-edited quality content, the company offers a wider range of textbooks for all stages of education, exercise books, special publications designed to prepare students for final exams for all levels of schooling, and a variety of materials for teachers. The company also produces multimedia teaching aids and produces their own educational videos. Textbooks and teacher books published by OPERON are, without exception, written by the most respected authors in Poland.

The OPERON Pedagogical Publishing House organises annual mock exams for different levels of education, the most popular being „Próbna Matura z OPERONEM” ("Mock A-Levels with OPERON"), „Próbny Egzamin Gimnazjalny z OPERONEM” ("Mock Secondary School Exam with OPERON") and „Próbny Egzamin Szóstoklasisty z OPERONEM” (“Mock Primary School Exam with OPERON”). With the exception of the real exams, these mock exams are seen as the most serious events in school life.

OPERON is also involved in large and ambitious educational projects, supporting the development of Polish education and providing assistance for the teachers. This goal is realised through such important and popular programs as „Szkoła bez przemocy” ("School without violence"), „Szkoła z klasą 2.0” ("School with Class 2.0"), „Odyseja umysłu” ("Odyssey of the mind)", „Szkoła myślenia” ("School of thought"), „Dekalog 89+” (“Decalogue 89 +"), "Ortograffiti", „Oświata i Prawo” ("Education and Law"), „Prometeusz” ("Prometheus"), „Junior Media – gazetki szkolne” ("Junior Media - school magazines"). The OPERON Pedagogical Publishing House participates in many significant projects involving young Polish scientists and supports young researchers and other enthusiasts. For instance, OPERON organised the research voyage of Marta Sziłajtis-Obiegło who was the youngest Polish woman to have circumnavigated the Earth single-handed on a boat. OPERON is also the title sponsor of the only Polish boat racing in the Velux5Oceans ocean regatta, the oldest and most respected round-the-world race.

The OPERON Pedagogical Publishing House is a member of the Polish Chamber of Books and a Institutional Member of the Polish Dyslexia Association.